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What if More Issues Come Up Because We Went to Counseling?

Therapy will make you and your partner more aware of the behaviors and triggers in your relationship that lead to conflict. While becoming aware of your personal challenges and those of your partner can be difficult, this realization is the first step toward truly understanding and valuing yourself and your partner. In your sessions, Azizeh will provide a non-judgmental, secure environment where you can openly discuss difficult thoughts and emotions. It is important to remember you are part of your relationship, and addressing your personal challenges – and those of your partner – can make your relationship stronger.

Does Couples Counseling Even Work?

It is common to feel your relationship will only work if you can fix it on your own. You may wonder what a therapist can tell you about your relationship that you don’t already know. Perhaps you are worried any connection you develop in therapy will fade with time.

Years of study and experience counseling in different countries and cultures around the world have given Azizeh a unique perspective in addressing the challenges couples face. She asks direct questions and uses interactive exercises to help you reconnect on an emotional, trusting level with your partner over time. Additionally, she offers practical solutions to help you address ineffective communication the moment you leave her office. In her extensive experience, she finds as many as 80 to 90 percent of couples can work through their issues and stay together.

What if Counseling Reveals Something About Me I Don’t Want My Partner to See?

It is common to fear we won’t be accepted if our flaws or insecurities are revealed. But a relationship is built on a foundation of trust and acceptance. Our couple’s therapy sessions are intended to help you get to know yourself and your partner better in a safe, accepting atmosphere. In many cases revealing your fears and emotions increases the intimacy in a relationship as both partners begin to understand the other more completely.

Azizeh won’t tell you how your relationship should work, but she will provide thoughtful feedback and encouragement to help you and your partner begin reconnecting on a lasting, emotional level.

Additional General Counseling FAQs

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